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  • About Airport Madness:

    Follow the success of its predecessor “Air Traffic Controller” by Big Fat Simulation, Airport Madness is a Simulation video game which will make you dive deeply in the amazing game world of Aircraft and Flights. This game is the first chapter of the gaming series Airport Madness and you soon will be put in the position of an Aircraft Traffic Controller as the game starts. Introducing very unique gameplay which amazed the entire gaming industry at the time it was released, Airport Madness requires you to keep aircraft from colliding.

    You are able to give takeoff clearances, landing clearances, and even taxi clearance in order to maintain order where there is chaos. In Airport Madness, each aircraft has a control panel, which can easily be brought up by clicking on its body. The Arriving Aircrafts won’t let you land them, most of the time as they only ask for landing clearance. You will need to pull the Arrivals when a collision is imminent. In an addition to that, you are able to give a taxi clearance to Departures that patiently wait for you at the gate.

    Airport Madness gives you the starting salary of 30000$, this will be increased as you work more and more effective. Airport Madness is a really kind and pure video game about Aircraft if you are willing to explore the sky, let’s start the gameplay of Airport Madness, now!

    How to play:

    • Use the mouse to interact with the screen.

    Tips and tricks:

    1. The crashes will cost you, once you have three crashes, your game is over.
    2. You shouldn’t let the aircraft wait.

    Airport Madness Unblocked:

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    Airport Madness is an online Skill game which can be played at for free. Airport Madness has a rating of 5.7 stars (out of 10) and it has been played 246 times now. Please go to our Skill games section if you want to play more games like Airport Madness!

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