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  • About HelmetRoyale.io:

    Welcome to HelmetRoyale.io, an awesome io game. The game brings you to a cool 2D, Battle Royale, and fast-paced world. Before starting the game, you will enter your name and select the server. There are 4 servers for you: US, South America, Asia, and EU. In this game, you control a helmet character. Your mission is to collect weapon, armor, and kill all other players on the map to become the last survivor.

    When you enter the game, you will appear randomly on the map (press M to see all the maps). You have 1 minute to prepare. In this time, you need to move to locations that contain shiny boxes because inside they are weapons and armor. Note that if you’re lucky, you can also find shields or HP Kits. Once you collect an item, you can use it. You can bring up to 3 items and you can change them in the right slots of the game screen.

    Each weapon will have different characteristics. Guns will be good when you fight from a distance and the hammer will be very strong in melee matches. Every time you kill an enemy, you can collect his items. Note that items have different properties. Gray is common, blue is rare, pink is unique, and orange is legendary. One final note: move in a safe area so you don’t lose HP. Good luck and have fun!

    How to play:

    • WASD to move and Mouse to attack.
    • Number 1, 2, 3 to change items and R to Reload.
    • M to open Map.

    How to play:

    1. You can customize the control keys. Hit the settings icons at the main page!
    2. You can only move in Helmet form.
    3. Look for pink and orange boxes to own the strongest items!

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