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Kitt’s Kingdom

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  • Rating: 7.5

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  • About Kitt’s Kingdom:

    Kitt’s Kingdom is an exciting action game developed by Highup Studio. The game has cute graphics and is suitable for all ages.

    In the game, you will control a cat standing on his base and use a gun to kill the enemies who are trying to destroy your base. Each time you kill an enemy, there will be coins appearing and you have to go there to collect them.

    You will use coins to upgrade your gun or buy new powerful weapons (there are six other types of guns). You can also use coins to upgrade your base or repair base and heal yourself.

    In each stage, in the upper corner of the screen will display the number of enemies. Destroy all enemies and you will complete the stage. Base and yourself will have a HP bar. If one of these two HP bar reach 0 HP, you will “game over”.

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     How To Play:

    • The game is very simple. You just use your mouse to do whatever you want.
    • Move the mouse to adjust the direction of the gun and use the left mouse button to shoot.

    Tips and Tricks:

    1. Guns will have a limited number of shots. When you run out of shots, you must reload.
    2. You can pause/resume/restart and turn the sound on/off on the game screen.
    Kitt’s Kingdom is an online Skill game which can be played at for free. Kitt’s Kingdom has a rating of 7.5 stars (out of 10) and it has been played 2.05k times now. Please go to our Skill games section if you want to play more games like Kitt’s Kingdom!

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