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Mini Car Soccer

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  • About Mini Car Soccer:

    Mini Car Soccer is an exciting Sports, Platform and Car Racing video game. For the first time in the universe, Cars can make a difference to the green field! Have you ever thought of a Soccer match that has no humans in it? On the other hand, are you curious how would one match that is run by items like Car be? If you have one of those questions in your mind sometimes, then this unique video game Mini Car Soccer will help you answer it!
    The game enables you to use a car to compete against another one within the green field. Your goal, however, is scoring the highest points as you can. Before the game starts, you are able to select one car for your team. Some elements that affect the performance of one car are the Max Speed, Acceleration and Steer Speed. The game even allows you to decide the type of ball that you are going to have in the match.
    While you are competing against your rival, do not forget that you have to collect some helpful extra bonuses that boost your car’s performance. With Mini Car Soccer, the Soccer game has never been more exciting. Let’s get to the green field now and prove your skills in Sports!

    How to play:

    • Use the computer mouse to pick up options.
    • Player 1 uses the W-S-A-D buttons to move.
    • Player 2 uses the arrow keys to move.

    Tips and tricks:

    1. To ensure that your car is suitable for the upcoming match, you need to test your car first.
    2. The bigger the ball is, the easier it is to control.

    Mini Car Soccer Unblocked:

    1. Do you know that Mini Car Soccer Unblocked is now available at If you do not, then now you know. After you have done with Mini Car Soccer Unblocked, you can check up on other addictive unblocked video games that serve the similar gameplay to Mini Car Soccer Unblocked. Have fun with now!
    Mini Car Soccer is an online Skill game which can be played at for free. Mini Car Soccer has a rating of 10.0 stars (out of 10) and it has been played 498 times now. Please go to our Skill games section if you want to play more games like Mini Car Soccer!

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