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Orion Sandbox Enhanced

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  • About Orion Sandbox Enhanced

    Orion Sandbox Enhance is an open-world sandbox game (the sequel to the original Orion Sandbox). In this game, the play style is still the same as the first game. However, the graphics have been updated to look nicer.

    Like the first game, you’re allowed to customize your character at the title screen. Your character will retain skills such as chopping trees to get wood (axe), digging dirt, breaking stone to get cobblestone (pickaxe), and using weapons to kill animals to get meat, fur and leather…

    In Orion Sandbox Enhanced, there are still 7 main sections, but now each section has a few small changes:

    • Blocks: you can make different materials to build houses, this time there are more types of bricks, walls, plates, blocks and other new items like roof tiles and louvers.
    • Decorations: this time there are many new decoration pieces and some of them are upgraded versions of things like the workbench, furnace, alchemy table…
    • Tools: this time there are more powerful tools with even higher attack power and durability.
    • Armors: make 7 different sets of armors to help reduced damage when being attacked as well as clothes for you to wear with some sets that are really good but will require a lot of rare materials.
    • Weapons: there are other weapons besides swords and bows that are even more powerful such as guns and even dynamites.
    • Consumables: this section is interesting as you can make new types of potions that cause affects such as make you run faster, jump higher, turn invisible, change gender…
    • Repair Items: there are new tools, weapons and armors for you to fix.

    This time there are many new animals for you to kill and get meat and other materials like sheep, chickens, foxes, wolfs…

    The new feature in this time is the appearance of goblins that are equipped with weapons and armors. Note that they aren’t enemies and they will actually help you fight the zombies.

    The game allows you to save your progress (the game automatically saves every 10 minutes). The game also allows you to save online by using the ”net” system.

    If you’re a fan of this type of game, you can also play the previous game in the series titled Orion Sandbox or other similar games such as Autonauts, Last Wood…

    How To Play

    • Use left and right arrow keys/A and D to move the character.
    • Use Space/W/up arrowkey to jump.
    • Use the mouse to attack monsters, dig dirt, break trees…

    Tips and Tricks

    1. When using guns, you have to have ammo for the gun to use.
    2. Conserve your dynamite and ammo as materials for making them are limited.
    3. The house you build needs to be covered completely and leave no openings for zombies to get in.

    Orion Sandbox Enhanced is an online Skill game which can be played at jun9game.com for free. Orion Sandbox Enhanced has a rating of 8.4 stars (out of 10) and it has been played 13.79k times now. Please go to our Skill games section if you want to play more games like Orion Sandbox Enhanced!

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