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      About Ovar.io

      Learn about fertilization by following a little sperm’s journey in Ovar.io. Do you think that you can get interesting information from this cool game? A big Yes, guys. There is no time for hesitating. Come here and experience now!

      How to play

      • Take a look at 5 different types of sperms at the welcoming screen first. They are called Cluster, Scout, Soldier, Ghost, and Tank. No matter which sperm you choose, each is equipped with fantastic abilities. For instance, the Tank has a big head that can attack easily. Or the Cluster gives a group of three little sperms.In my opinion, you should pick up the Solider as you’re a newbie because this sperm is easy to control and use. After that, be free to select other sperms to challenge, okay?
      • And now turn back to the main fight, guys! Start moving the mouse cursor to instruct your sperm to slither around and catch available symbols like Skill, Attack, Shield, and Life. The more symbols he eats, the larger he will become. Try to turn him as bigger as you can in order to enter the middle of an ovary successfully.
      • Let’s view arround and come after an arrow to visit the ovary and then find a safe place to penetrate. Please hold Spacebar instantly so that the sperm can reach the center or he will be kicked. In case you succeed, your sperm will transfer into a turret and then it can shoot other players.
      • However, you should note that before turning into the turret successfully, the little sperm has to confront dozens of opponents. Of course, you can attack at the beginning by guiding your sperm’s head to touch the other’s tails. In addition, don’t miss activating SKILL (hit on Spacebar or the left mouse) if you want to escape from any chaotic encounter.
      • After all, it’s best to transform to the turret because you can easily defeat more and more opponents to acquire the final request soon. Of course, it’s the first spot on the leaderboard. So, think that you can complete well, guys? Just land on Ovar.io and you will discover now! Good luck to you!

      Tips and tricks

      1. The Life symbols will increase the number of sperms if you select the Cluster type.
      2. Avoid performing a U-turn when someone is chasing you.
      3. If your sperm is penetrating into any ovary with the others, make sure you complete before them since only sperm has the right to reach the ovary’s center and turn into the turret.
      4. Be free to create an account to save your progress.


      Ovar.io is an online Skill game which can be played at jun9game.com for free. Ovar.io has a rating of 6.5 stars (out of 10) and it has been played 2.48k times now. Please go to our Skill games section if you want to play more games like Ovar.io!

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