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  • About PewDuckPie 2:

    If you usually watch YouTube, you must have heard about a famous YouTuber named PewDiePie.

    Due to his unbelievable popularity, there are many controversies surrounding the way he films his videos.

    Therefore, PewDuckPie 2 takes on the concept of a parody game, which is also the follow-up version of this series.

    Developed by Joel Lindberg, PewDuckPie 2 lets players have a humorous overview of how creative a game developer can be.

    Particularly, you play the role of a princess whose face belongs to the well-known YouTuber. You are obliged to run and jump, as well as avoid dangerous obstacles along the way.

    The game will get more difficult as you progress to later levels.

    It is extremely easy to follow PewDuckPie 2 since every level includes obvious instructions. Hence, what you need to do is follow what is written on the boards.

    In addition, you are also able to unlock new dresses if you satisfy some specific requirements.

    For example, to have the second dress, players have to beat the dungeon boss.

    How to Play:

    Here are some key buttons you should keep in mind while playing PewDuckPie 2

    • Left or right arrow keys to move
    • Up arrow key to jump
    • Down arrow key to kneel
    • Down and left/right keys at the same time to crawl
    • Hold the up arrow key to fly

    Tips and Tricks:

    1. Jump on creatures head to kill them
    2. Take the checkpoints to go further
    3. PewDuck’s words are highlighted in pink

    PewDuckPie 2 Unblocked:

    1. If challenges make you feel excited and thrive for more, then PewDuckPie 2 is an undoubtedly appropriate choice.
    2. By controlling the funny character, you can have a great time relaxing your mind while overcoming the dangerous obstacles.
    3. Take a look at the unblocked version of PewDuckPie 2 for more details.
    PewDuckPie 2 is an online Skill game which can be played at for free. PewDuckPie 2 has a rating of 8.4 stars (out of 10) and it has been played 414 times now. Please go to our Skill games section if you want to play more games like PewDuckPie 2!

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