Swordfall: Kingdoms

Swordfall: Kingdoms

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  • About Swordfall: Kingdoms:

    Swordfall: Kingdoms is a great strategy game developed by Sam Raski. In this game you are a lord. Your task is to create a powerful army, destroy all your opponents and become a great empire. Before starting the game, you will select your kingdom. The game has 6 different kingdoms to choose from: English, French, Germans, Moors and Spanish. Are you ready to take part in the war of kingship?

    Each kingdom will have different characteristics. So you have to learn about the kingdoms carefully. The Longbow Archer is unique unit of England, the Paladin is unique unit of French, the Teutonic Knight is unique unit of Germans, the Berber Archer is unique unit of Moorish, and the Knight of Santiago is unique unit of Spanish. After selecting your kingdom, you will choose the difficulty (easy, normal, hard and insane) and enter the battlefield.

    Note that to strengthen your position, you should capture one of the neutral regions neighboring Castile. When you are ready to attack, you can click the sword button in the lower right corner of the game screen, then click on the target region and select a manual battle. To win a war, you have two ways: destroy all the opposing forces, or fill in the balance bar at the top of the game screen with your color.

    After winning a war, you will have gold. You can use gold to research. Swordfall: Kingdoms has many interesting features for you to research, such as archery training (unlocks the archer unit), spear training (unlocks the spearman unit), tempered steel (+1 attack for all melee units), horse breeding (+15 hit points for all cavalry units), or trade routes (+10% empire income). Good luck and have fun!

    How to Play:             

    • Use your mouse to lead your army.

    Tips and Tricks:       

    1. You have two ways to play: auto-battle or manual battle.
    2. To deploy your forces, click a unit then click on the lane arrows on the left screen.
    3. Use arrow keys to scroll across your kingdom and the neighboring regions.

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