This Is The Only Level Too

This Is The Only Level Too

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  • About This Is The Only Level Too:

    This Is The Only Level Too is an exciting puzzle game made by the author – jmtb02 and published by Armor Games. This is a great game that according to its author:

    The second game did just as well as the first in many ways.” [1]

    It is your walkthrough. You have to guide an elephant to the exit of the room. You can find a big red button in the middle of the room to open the exit.

    However, you have to avoid the spikes and try to reach the button, then go to the exit.

    The exciting thing is that each stage takes place in the same room, but the controls and gameplay change, making it look the same but play differently.

    Players of 6 years old and up can play this game because of no particular skill (reading or math) or offensive content.

    How to play:

    • You will use the Arrow Keys or WASD or mouse to control and play the game.

    Tips and tricks:

    1. You can find the hint of each stage through its name, pay attention to the clues to solve the puzzles.
    2. You can control the elephant on the menu.
    3. You can find a hidden Easter egg to unlock the hard mode.

    This Is The Only Level Too Unblocked:

    1. The Freegames66 site allows you to play This Is The Only Level Too game online free, even you are at school or office where you can’t access any gaming site.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions:

    How to beat stage 15?

    • You need to click the instructions button at the bottom of the screen to open the gate.

    How to beat stage 23?

    • You try to remember the level pattern of the level to open the gate, and you must press the mute button on the screen bottom.

    How to solve stage 31?

    • You can press the panic button, so your elephant pushes the button down, and you run through the open gate and complete the game.

    How to do sticky keys?

    • You can press shift 5 times to exit the stage 13.
    • On stage 5 named “Red light”, you can jump on the button and stay there until the door opens.
    This Is The Only Level Too is an online Skill game which can be played at for free. This Is The Only Level Too has a rating of 10.0 stars (out of 10) and it has been played 325 times now. Please go to our Skill games section if you want to play more games like This Is The Only Level Too!

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